UAE Fuel Prices for June 2024 Announced: A Comparative Analysis

Abu Dhabi, UAE – The UAE Fuel Price Committee has announced a notable decrease in fuel prices for June 2024, reflecting a significant reduction compared to May 2024. This adjustment comes as part of the regular monthly review process, which aligns local fuel prices with global market trends.

New Fuel Prices for June 2024

  • Super 98: AED 3.14 per liter
  • Special 95: AED 3.02 per liter
  • E-Plus 91: AED 2.95 per liter
  • Diesel: AED 2.88 per liter

Comparison with May 2024 Prices

  • Super 98: Previously AED 3.34 per liter (decrease of AED 0.20)
  • Special 95: Previously AED 3.22 per liter (decrease of AED 0.20)
  • E-Plus 91: Previously AED 3.15 per liter (decrease of AED 0.20)
  • Diesel: Previously AED 3.07 per liter (decrease of AED 0.19)

This decrease in fuel prices represents a substantial relief for both residents and businesses in the UAE, as fuel costs are a significant component of daily and operational expenses.

Factors Influencing the Price Adjustment

Several factors have contributed to the reduction in fuel prices for June 2024:

  1. Global Oil Prices: A decline in international crude oil prices due to increased production and stabilized geopolitical conditions has led to lower fuel costs.
  2. Market Dynamics: Improved supply chain efficiencies and a balanced demand-supply equation in the global market have also played a role in reducing prices.
  3. Economic Policies: Strategic economic policies and agreements within the region have contributed to the favorable pricing adjustments.

Impact on Consumers and Businesses

The reduction in fuel prices is expected to have several positive impacts:

  • For Residents: Lower fuel prices will reduce the cost of daily commuting and transportation, providing financial relief for households.
  • For Businesses: Companies, particularly those in logistics and transportation sectors, will benefit from reduced operational costs, potentially leading to lower prices for goods and services.

Statements from Authorities:

A spokesperson from the UAE Fuel Price Committee commented, “The decrease in fuel prices reflects our commitment to aligning with global market trends and ensuring economic stability. We strive to provide fair and transparent pricing for consumers and businesses alike.”

Government Measures and Public Response

The UAE government remains proactive in managing fuel prices to support economic stability and growth. The public response to the price reduction has been overwhelmingly positive, with many residents and business owners welcoming the relief.

Sustainability Efforts:

Despite the reduction in fuel prices, the government continues to promote sustainability initiatives. Residents are encouraged to adopt fuel-efficient practices, use public transportation, and consider eco-friendly alternatives.


The announcement of lower fuel prices for June 2024 marks a significant development for the UAE, providing economic relief and reflecting positive global market trends. Residents and businesses are encouraged to stay informed about fuel price changes and adjust their plans accordingly.

For more information and updates on fuel prices, visit the official websites of the UAE Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure and the Emirates National Oil Company (ENOC).

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The UAE continues to adapt to global economic conditions, striving for economic resilience and sustainability.

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