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Making a Difference: Steps Individuals Can Take to Help Prevent Begging in the UAE

Dubai, UAE – The UAE has long been committed to maintaining safety and public order, and one of the issues it continuously addresses is begging. As a wealthy nation that attracts many people from around the world, the UAE is not immune to the problem of begging. The government, through various initiatives and regulations, actively works to combat this issue. Residents also play a crucial role in reporting and discouraging begging activities.

Understanding the Anti-Begging Measures

The UAE has stringent laws against begging. According to Federal Law No. 9 of 2018, begging is illegal in the country. Those caught begging can face fines and imprisonment. The law also targets organized begging syndicates, which often exploit vulnerable individuals.

The UAE government encourages residents and visitors to refrain from giving money to beggars. Instead, it promotes donating to registered charities and organizations that ensure aid reaches those genuinely in need.

Why Begging is Discouraged

  1. Exploitation: Many beggars are part of organized gangs that exploit them. Giving money to beggars can inadvertently support these illegal networks.
  2. Public Order: Begging can lead to public nuisance and affect the perception of safety and order in the community.
  3. Social Welfare: The UAE has numerous social welfare programs and charities dedicated to helping those in need. Supporting these initiatives is a more effective way to provide assistance.

How Residents Can Report Beggars

Residents are encouraged to report any incidents of begging to help authorities address the issue effectively. Here’s how you can report beggars in different emirates:

  • Dubai: Residents can call the Dubai Police non-emergency number at 901 or use the Dubai Police app to report beggars.
  • Abu Dhabi: Reports can be made to the Abu Dhabi Police by calling 8002626 (AMAN service) or via their app.
  • Sharjah: Residents can contact the Sharjah Police on 901 to report begging incidents.
  • Ajman: Reports can be made to Ajman Police by calling 06-740 9999.
  • Ras Al Khaimah: Contact the Ras Al Khaimah Police on 07-235 6666 to report begging.
  • Fujairah and Umm Al Quwain: Residents can report to the local police stations in these emirates or call the general police hotline.

The Role of Charities and Social Services

The UAE government, along with various charitable organizations, provides extensive support to those in need, ensuring that the assistance reaches the right people. Charities like the Emirates Red Crescent and other local welfare organizations run numerous programs to help the underprivileged.

Residents are encouraged to support these registered charities. By donating to these organizations, individuals can ensure their contributions are used effectively to assist those genuinely in need.


The UAE’s robust stance against begging is part of its broader efforts to maintain public order and support the needy through proper channels. Residents play a vital role in this mission by reporting begging activities and supporting registered charities. Together, these efforts contribute to a safer and more supportive community for everyone.

For more information on how to report begging and to find registered charities to support, residents can visit the official websites of their respective police departments and the Emirates Red Crescent.

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